Repercussions of do it yourself backups

Your business is your data. Every business from the pizza shop to the fortune 500 company relies on their data to stay in business. It doesn’t take long for data loss to affect a business’ bottom line. Every minute an employee can’t access their data is a loss of productivity and ultimately a loss in profits. For example, I worked with a manufacturing company that lost most their data and many of the backups were corrupted. They had made the same mistake many small business owners make believing monitoring backups would save them money. In the end, the company lost months of productivity while their many departments attempted to recreate data needed to service their clients. Not to mention the thousands of dollars needed to get their systems back up and running.

There is no such thing as a ‘Set it and forget it backup solution’. It would be nice if backup solutions were like coffee makers. You set up the coffee maker and walk away excepting a piping out cup of coffee waiting only to find out that something went wrong. No problem, its only coffee. The same isn’t true for your data. You can’t go to the store and buy your data.

Unless someone is actually keeping tabs on backups there’s the possibility it’s not working as expected. There are many things that can cause backups to fail and warning emails get overlooked or end up in junk mail. Small business owners wear many hats and are often too busy doing other things until it’s too late.

A reliable backup and recovery strategy is insurance that when the unexpected occurs your business can bounce back quickly. Hiring a managed IT service provider to create a solution that meets your business’ tolerance for downtime is essential for anyone that relies on their business for their livelihood. As much as I hate the saying ‘For less than a cup of coffee a day’, it’s true that even a 1 person shop can afford the peace of mind knowing when the unexpected occurs their data is safe and up-to-date.